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by admin | Posted on Saturday, October 2nd, 2021

Ever since the inception of technology and the evolving stages it is going through, digital threats like hacking have become a catchphrase. Your personal data is not safe when someone accesses your email account illegally without your permission. Hacking in simple terms means taking control over one’s personal information/account/data that can be misused by a hacker or in other words a digital thief. If you’re AOL mail user and suspect that your account is hacked by someone or some data has been compromised then this post will shed some insightful information on how to perform hacked AOL mail recovery in a detailed manner.

There are many security vulnerabilities lurking around the digital world that if they penetrate your data/AOL mail account, they can cause major problems. Hacking is usually considered in a bad light as misusing someone’s personal information without their permission is a crime. If you are troubled by the hacking and need some assistance on how to get back the access to your hacked AOL mail account, then you should know that through hacked AOL mail recovery methods, you can easily gain back the access to your AOL account. To know what exactly those methods are, you need to go through the complete post.

How to identify if your AOL account is hacked or not?

Before jumping straight to the solution, it is important for you to figure out if your AOL mail account is hacked or not. Here is the quick checklist with which you can check the status of your AOL mail i.e. if it is compromised or not-

  • You cannot login into AOL mail account with your existing user id and password
  • The AOL mail password you know is changed by someone else.
  • Missing or deleted emails
  • Problem in accessing AOL account
  • There have been multiple incorrect password attempts on your account
  • You have been sending spam emails in bulk to others without actually sending them by yourself
  • Security of your AOL mail account is breached and someone else is using your information for their benefit
  • Your AOL account is logged in from multiple locations at the same time
  • Your inbox is full of MAILER-DAEMON rejection notices for messages you didn’t send
  • People you know are getting emails from you that you didn’t send
  • There are outgoing messages in your Sent, Drafts or Outbox folder that you didn’t create or send
  • Your Address Book contacts have been erased
  • During sign-in or when sending a message, you’re asked to pass an image challenge
  • Emails you try to send are suddenly getting refused and returned to you
  • There are contacts in your Address Book you didn’t add
  • Your display name looks odd or has been changed
  • Your email signature suddenly has a link you didn’t put there
  • You’re not getting new mail or your new mail is going straight into your Saved IMs folder.

If any of the above-mentioned points are valid in your situation, then you can be sure that your AOL mail is hacked.

Loopholes which can lead to the hacking of your AOL mail account

Here are some of the common security loopholes that can lead to the hacking of AOL mail-

  • Weak password, common password such as phone number, date of birth, name.
  • Two-step verification is disabled on your account.
  • Forget logging out AOL account used through public network.
  • Shared your email and password with someone mistakenly.
  • Forget signing out AOL account when accessed it in cyber café.
  • Phishing attack can also lead to the hacking of your AOL mail.
  • Presence of malware in your computer or mobile device
  • Malicious mobile app downloaded by you can also cause hacking of email.
  • Remote administration tool through which a hacker can easily see your computer screen and track your computer activities easily.
  • Keyloggers through which hackers can easily obtain your email id and password as key loggers such as Ardamax keylogger can logs all your keystrokes.

How to recover a hacked AOL mail account?

The hacked AOL mail recovery is quite a complex procedure and you might require the assistance of an expert in resolving the AOL account hacked issue. But before calling the AOL technical helpdesk, you should make sure that your account is hacked and cannot be accessed by email id and password. If you are not even able to change the password using the “forgot password” method, then do not hesitate to contact the AOL customer service to get permanent resolution.  Go through the measures given below and if even then you cannot access your account then call the experts for the final solution. You can also report the hacking incidence by dropping an email on abuse@aol.com or compromised@abuse.aol.com for quickest resolution.

What measure you can opt to prevent your AOL account from being hacked?

Given below are some immediate measures you can do to prevent the hacking of AOL account-

  • Change the AOL account password immediately: Ideally, you should change your password on a regular interval. When you cannot login into your AOL account then you can go through the “forgot password” journey to set a new password. While setting a new password, you should always remember that it should not resemble the old one in any way and should consist of character, uppercase letter, numbers, and special character. A strong password is virtually impossible to crack. Therefore, you should always set a combination of numbers and character to create a powerful password to prevent the hacking of your AOL mail.
  • Update your antivirus and anti-malware: You should always keep on updating your antivirus or anti-malware to the latest version and run the scans for vulnerabilities. Your computer should be free from malware and antivirus. Always go for the authentic antivirus and do not opt for the trial version as they provide very few features and that too for a limited time. You can purchase the antivirus from their concerned official website to ensure the authenticity of the software product.
  • Change your security question: When you suspect that your AOL mail is compromised then it is advised that you change the security question and its answer immediately. This way you can protect your mail account from being hacked by someone.
  • Change your display name: Your display name is the one which is seen by other people when you send them an email. Make sure to change it as soon as you encounter something fishy with your AOL mail. Keep in mind while changing the display name that is should not contain the letters “AOL”, “A.O.L”, or “Aol”.
  • Review your signatures on AOL account: Review your signatures to ensure no one added spam or other inappropriate content.
  • Call technical support of AOL mail: As a final resort, you may dial the AOL tech support to seek the proper resolution. But here one should remember that if you have not opted for paid service then there is not much the customer care can do. However, in case you are a paid service member, then your problem will be resolved in the quickest time possible. You might need to spend some money to get the hacked AOL mail recovery done.

How to delete a hacked AOL Email account?

In order to delete a hacked AOL mail account, you need to follow the “forgot password” journey followed by a string of security questions. Make sure that you answer these questions correctly. If the hacker has changed the security question then there is no alternative to delete the hacked account. However, if the information is intact then you might be able to delete your hacked AOL account. Here’s what you need to follow-

  • After answering the security questions, click on the “next” button.
  • Now a form will open up and you need to enter the information asked in it.
  • You’ll be asked to change your password, after changing it click on the “continue” button.
  • Now under the “service options”, you need to choose the “manage my AOL account” tab.
  • Click on the “continue” tab and then click on the “cancel” button.
  • Go through the terms of service conditions before deleting your account. (An account once deleted cannot be recovered).
  • Now select your reason for removing the account from the list.
  • Then click on the “cancel account”.
  • Your account is now cancelled or deleted permanently.

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