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by admin | Posted on Monday, October 4th, 2021

All the email service providers are trying their level best in order to reduce the spam messages in their user’s Email accounts. However, despite all the restrictions, many times spammers able to reach your inbox. The situation is also quite similar with the AOL mail as well. The AOL email service is equipped with best in class spam filtration technology but still, the nuisance of spam messages is present in the AOL mail. Many users think that it is not possible to get rid of spam messages completely. Well, it is true to some extent but you can surely reduce the number of spam in AOL if you manage AOL spam filter smartly.

If your AOL mail inbox is also flooded with unsolicited offers, online scams, and various other junk emails then this post can help you significantly. Here, we will provide you with the simple steps to manage AOL spam filters to minimize spam email in AOL mail.

How dangerous are spam emails?

Many users do not consider spam messages dangerous at all. They consider it as a cost of online presence, which is absolutely wrong. Actually, spam emails can be extremely dangerous for your online security in the following ways

  • Many spam messages are designed in such a way that they push you to enter your bank details. As soon as you enter your bank details, the spammer can scam you by doing a bank fraud.
  • Some spam messages also have embedded malware that is specially designed to steal your confidential data.
  • Some links on the spam emails can hack your email account to send further marketing email messages.

So, we can say that sending spam messages is not at all an innocent marketing strategy. They can easily make you a victim of a bank or other kinds of frauds. That’s why you should manage AOL spam filters properly in order to block spam messages from reaching your inbox.

How to create a spam Filter in AOL mail?

Although AOL mail has an inbuilt spam filter in order to block spam emails still you can enhance spam filtration by creating the spam filters of your own. Here, is how you can create an AOL spam filter

  • First of all, you need to sign-in to your AOL mail account.
  • Click on the “Options” link available under the username.
  • Then, click on the “Mail settings” button.
  • After that, you need to click on the “Spam Settings” tab.
  • Provide the username of the spammer you are looking to block.
  • Click on the “Plus icon +”
  • Finally, click on the “Save Settings” to save the changes.

If you want to delete AOL Mail Spam filter then all you need to do is click the “X” button available when hovering your cursor over the blocked address. That’s all you need to do in order to create and Manage AOL Spam Filter.

AOL spam filter to block images and links in Emails

Most of the time, the malware and viruses are hidden in the links and images within the email. When you disable images and links in the emails from unknown senders you protect yourself from accidently downloading a virus and malware. These viruses and malware can be devastating for your AOL email accounts. Here is how you can block images and links in emails.

  • Log in to your AOL email account and click on the “options” link appearing under your AOL username.
  • Click on the “Mail settings”.
  • Open “General” tab if you are not in the general tab already.
  • Choose the following options under the “Reading” section.
    • Disable links in mail from unknown senders.
    • Hide images in mail from unknown senders.
  • Finally, click on the “Save Settings” button.

Now, you will not see images and links in the email message from an unknown sender.

Block suspicious emails in AOL

There isn’t any doubt that it is very easy to create and Manage AOL spam filters but there is no guarantee that no spam filter will reach your inbox. Every now and then, some spam emails can land in your inbox folder. To tackle such a situation, you can mark the suspicious emails as spam. In order to do that you should follow the steps given below:

Mark email as spam in AOL mail

  • Go to AOL mail inbox.
  • Select the email message, you suspected to be spam.
  • Click on the “Spam” button from the top of the page.

In case you mistakenly or accidently marked an email as spam then you should simply click on the “Not spam” button from the top of the spam folder.

What else you can do to block spam in AOL mail?

In addition to manage AOL spam Filter, here are some precautions and tips you may follow to keep spam emails at bay.

  • Don’t provide your email address on random websites. Most of the spammers use search spider’s data to get the email address to target.
  • Never click on the random links and images in the suspicious emails.
  • Try to use a different screen name to chat in online chat rooms.
  • Be careful while filling the online forms. Many online forms have checkboxes that ask you permission to send promotional emails. Make sure to uncheck such checkboxes while submitting an online form.
  • Restrict yourself from replying to any spam emails. By sending replies to spam emails, you indicate the spammers that you are reading the spam emails which results in even more spam emails.
  • If you are subscribed to old newsletters and email groups then you should unsubscribe from those newsletters and email groups.
  • If there are too many spam emails in your AOL mail inbox then you may also opt for email filtering or spam blocking software. However, you should be very careful while choosing spam-blocking software. Always use trusted software because an untrusted spam blocker can cause further problems as well.

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