People find it thorny to deal Sextortion Scam. Indeed it is a Cakewalk!

by admin | Posted on Thursday, September 16th, 2021

Email Saying I know your password! Obviously, it’s a fake commitment

Sextortion scam has been upgraded with an interesting twist.  Probably, you’d have received an email saying I know your password in the subject line. Attackers state that they have your password and hacked your webcam when you were involved in watching porn. Now, they are going to share it with your family, friends or colleagues. They are aimed to make the email statement more horrible so that you’d agree to pay a blackmail fee.

Even if you vow you never did such activities, it’s scary because the email sender mentions one of your old email passwords in the subject line. May be they have retrieved it from previously leaked password database. The email states that its senders have spread malware on your phone or computer, hacked your webcam and captured picture while you were watching porn.

Awareness of password email scam is crucial!

Before you take your step to protect yourself it’s crucial to have awareness of Sextortion email. Although, emails are crafted focusing on the targeted user type, still it has few common features:

  • They commonly include your old password in subject line of the email. They retrieve it from the publicly accessible leaked passwords database.
  • The email’s sender claims that they have hacked your computer, installed malware, and recorded video of watching porn. They will share it soon with your group if you do not send them bitcoin in a day.
  • The bitcoin amount could range from several hundred to several thousand dollars on an average. But, sometimes it goes over $50,000.

For your information all these claims are fake. Attackers neither know your password, nor have installed malware on your computer. So, the very first thing you don’t need to get worried.

Bitcoin blackmail email 2021

Porn blackmail scam is considered the most trending scam in 2018. Most of the victims have paid the amount that gave hackers a chance to have more targeted users. You just need to be confident that you have never shared your password with anyone else. If there is any doubt, then it’s better to change your password at the same time or activate two-step verification to your email ID.

Should I pay bitcoin blackmail email?

Never! You don’t need to pay a tiny to the attackers when you receive a blackmail email with password. Remember, they don’t have your password and hence you don’t need to get worried about it. Just relax; they are not going to do anything like that.

It is suggested to create a strong password for your email. Use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters that make your password tricky to be guessed by someone else. It is always better to change your password time to time.

Fact noted behind email claiming to have video

You may be the one who receive a bitcoin extortion email threatening to send video to contacts. Many IT experts have worked on it and released few facts as follows:

  • The email is not crafted to target one people; instead, it is being mass-mailed to major group of users. Sometimes, it may be mailed to you only with your old email password in the subject line.
  • Attackers typically don’t have your personal information. The email is just crafted in way it looks scary. If you failed into the track you are one of their victims. They will try to convenience you anyway but you don’t need to lose your confidence. If necessary, just change your email password and rest will be automatically assured.
  • IT experts claimed attackers use one of your old passwords. If it is new one then you just delete it, create a new password for your account and run a security scan on your computer. If necessary, go to the police and make a necessary complaint showing your email.
  • FBI also suggests user to switch off the webcam when not in use.

Whatever you do but it’s never worth to send bitcoin to scammers. If possible spread this awareness around you. It will simply restrict attackers to target their next victim and forcefully, they have to stop this nonsense.


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