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Dear Users, Thanks for visiting our website- LiveSupportNumber. We understand the crucial importance of your privacy and assure you that we’ll maintain your privacy at our utmost level. Please spend some time in reading our privacy policy and terms of use- it will help you understand how safe your personal information is here @ LiveSupportNumber.

Personal Information We May Ask

Generally, we don’t ask you to share any personal information when you browse our website to read our published contents. We may ask you to share some personal information when you want to contact us or want to put your query (s) or feedback (s) at our website. Please don’t worry- the information you provide to us is just for our records. We are not going to misuse it anyway.

Additionally, when you interact with our website we may store some additional information about you including but not limited to your name, phone number, email address, etc.

What we do with your personal information?

Please be sure that we are not going to share your confidential details with any third parties for business or marketing purpose. We keep your information in our record and sometimes you may get updates (if any at our website) from our side only. In this way, we can interact with you if necessary.

Is your information secure at our website?

It is your right to know whether your information is secure at our website. For your information, we have integrated several security measures at our website so that your personal information should be completely secure. However, we can’t give you warranty that it is 100% secure. Hope, you understand our concern.

We Track Traffic at our website

Yes, we track traffic at our website using third party tools which may store some additional information about you such as your location, IP address etc. Don’t worry it is for our internal calculation only.

There is certain spam detection systems also integrated at our website. If we find your comments or queries as spam we may report your IP and blacklist it.

Use of Cookies and IP

There are certain plug-ins installed at our website may use your cookies and IP. However, these techniques are used by all websites and blogs nowadays. So, you don’t need to worry. Your information is not going to be misused in anyway.

Contents you find at our website

We always try our level best to publish genuine contents written by professional writers. However, we can’t take guarantee that it is 100% authentic. If you find anything wrong here then please drop us an email. We will remove the same in the shortest possible period.

Images / Photos / Graphics / Videos @ LiveSupportNumber

Our designers always look forward to use unique Images / Photos / Graphics / Videos at our website. If by mistakes, we used your property then please drop us an email. We will remove the same in the shortest possible period.

Third Party Links

You may find some third party website links at our website. You can access those at your own risk. We won’t be responsible in case of any forgery occurred over there. We encourage you to read their privacy policy before accessing their content.

If you have any sort of queries or feedbacks feel free to contact us. We’ll assist you in minimal possible time.

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